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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Second Birthday Celebration in Barcelona

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party of two friends Elena and Silvia (from Spain). Yes what a coincidence, they were both born on the same date.

Some five of us were invited to Silvia's flat. I reached there half an hour later than the given time but not because of I left late but because the flat was little far than I expected:):):) All of them had already reached there. We were alltogether seven girls there and five of them could speak Spanish. Then we started chatting, sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English (if Tomoko and I didn't catch anything in Spanish). Silvia had brought some cheese from France. I tasted different varities of cheese and some sea foods. They had also made cakes (home made). Actually I liked almost every food there. Took same photographs. I gave them”bangles” as a birthday gift which I hope they liked.

At around 10pm everybody left from there except Elena and me. I also tried some wine then (thanks god I was not drunk:):):). They explained to me about some Spanish religion and culture. I had a pleasing time with them.

At 11pm Elena and I left from there. I was walking down the same street which I took while I went to Silvia's flat but did not know where I missed and was almost lost. I was walking and walking and did not find my destination. Luckily, I had a map. Thanks to my map and help from some people on the way, I reached my place.

Once, I was lost while traveling by train (can read about it in my previous posting “My bad day in Barcelona”) and yesterday while walking. Will I miss my way again???


  • At 6:24 AM , Blogger Jiten said...

    You all are looking so Jolly and the food on the table is so tempting. Be happy :) always.


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