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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good Friday

Yesterday, it was the good Friday. My day was as usual. In the afternoon I went to a nearby restaurant for intercambio. I am loving the intercambio session. My friend Laia for intecambio is very good. She tries to teach me as much as possible. Sometimes when I find somethings very difficult to explain in Spanish, she helps and encourages me to explain in Spanish a lot. Yes, I am doing fine with Spanish.

After intercambio I went to my apartment and was happy to see my husband there. Then we went outside and sat in a restaurant with two of his friends. They talked about college people, college environment and the cases they need to read. Though I didnot understand some of the topics from their courses they were talking about I was enjoying to chat with them. Normally it is very nice to sit outside a bar and have some drinks while chatting with friends. But yesterday it was very windy and cold. Still we decided to sit outside (at least I didnot want to be in a smoky environment which is very common in most of the Spanish restaurants/bars). After 2 hours we went to a flat of another friend and had some more drinks. We were laughing, pulling legs of each other and teasing some bachelor friends. We finally had dinner there. It was already 1:30am when we decided to leave. I still could have spent more time there but my husband and the other friend had to study tomorrow(poor guys:):)) So walked down to flat.

And today Saturday I did nothing. Even didnot get out of the house. So I say good Friday because at least on Fridays I am getting chance to enjoy more than in other days.


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