Srijana in Barcelona

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My first day of Salsa class

Now I am doing some new things after being here in Barcelona. I joined a 'Salsa" class which is one of the popular dances in Spain. The training is for 10 classes organized every Tuesday.

Today was my first day of dance class. As I am very interested in dance I was curious to know what kind of dance this is. We were about 15 students in the class and most of them were from IESE. Our dance teacher was young and seeing her dancing I wished to dance as she does. She was explaining about the dance in Spanish (native spanish speaker and you can imagine how fast native speaker speaks Spanish). Luckily I found a girl there who speaks both Spanish and English and she was helping me translate her Spanish. I could catch on the dance steps just by observing her steps.

She taught some few steps of Salsa first without music and later with music. I suppose I was learning the steps quickly. Different people were trying to learn on their own way. Some were trying to make their body movement flexible, while some were practicing their leg movements. Seemed like everyone was busy with their own world of dance.

We can even not imagine how the 1 hour flew. Now I am sure I will be having fun during my future dance classes.


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