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Friday, October 07, 2005

Feeling Home Sick

Today, I woke up late. I was feeling lonely at the time I got up. I felt lazy too. I just sat thinking nothing for some time. Till then it was already 12am. I then had my breakfast, replied some emails. I was missing something. I called my sister in Nepal. After talking with her I felt somewhat relaxed. I then took a shower, did some spanish homework. And one new thing I did was read a part of a course book of MBA students. Fantastic! my husband is doing MBA at his college and I am doing my MBA at home. It was already 4pm then. I had my lunch and then went to my Spanish class.

As usual the class was interesting. I was most of the time counting the number of students in my class. Today there were 16 students in class. And number of chinese students were 10, pakistani 3, Brazilian 2 and myself 1. I most of the time felt that I am in a chinese class. Our Spanish profesora is interesting. She keeps the class laughing. I am normally the first to finish my classwork. So at the end she asked me to come infront and say about my family. Yes this made me feel that I will speak Spanish very soon.

After returning home I cooked rice and cauliflower. As I had my lunch late I just ate some vegetables and some icecreams. Oh..shit...after having icecream I remembered that I am trying to loss some weight. I will try to remember this next time before having some icecreams.

I will atleast learn some spanish words and sleep today.


  • At 6:39 PM , Anonymous Bindu said...

    Hi Srijana,
    Your blog is really nice. It gives lot of info about life of a would be mba's wife in Barcelona!



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