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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Celebration of Dashain Festival

Being away from Nepal, I am missing the biggest festival"Dashain"of Nepal which falls in October. Since the cultures in Nepal and India are more or less similar and they too celebrate"Dashain" as "Dashara", there was a program called "Dandiya" organized by the Indians in Barcelona. It was a dance program. Pradeep, Kapil(Indian friend) and I from our flat went there. After the puja ceremony the dance program started. It was really a nice program and we all enjoyed it a lot. We were also provided with some snacks and I first time ate some Pakoras, Samosa, Gulabjamon after I came to Barcelona. I was missing all those foods a lot. I enjoyed Gulabjamon very much. We danced dandiya for the first time in life. We returned back around 2:30 am(common in Barcelona). At that time too there was a Fiesta going on in Sarria.
I have to say that people in Barcelona find plenty of time to have fun.

As usual I got up late. We were invited for lunch in one of our friend's flat. He had cooked some south Indian dishes (tamarind rice, dal and crushed potatoes). They were very tasty. The crushed-potatoes item was the best. After returning back to home I didn't go out again. I was thinking of going to a park nearby here but I didn't. Because of the yesterday night late sleep I still have a hang-over.


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