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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lazy me!

I know nowadays I am being lazy to update my blog. That means I am active with other things (:):).

I will begin with writing about my last Saturday. I now have some Spanish friends who are really nice people. I am happy that I met them. Last Saturday they(Elena and Silvia) made a plan to walk around the centre of city. They explained me about the history of the city, the Catalunya region and its relation to Spain. They showed me many historical palaces in Barcelona. It was really nice and fun to be with them. We walked around for almost 3 hours. Before departing, we had coffee and some special spanish pastry.

Then the days were as usual. Last Thursday a Japanese friend of mine called me for lunch in her flat. she had invited some others friends too. We talked about costumes, religions and monarchies of Nepal, Japan and Spain. I knew many new things. Tomoko (Japanese friend) had prepared some Japanese food for us. I for the first time had Sushi. It was a kind of dish which is prepared by wrapping some rice with a thin layer of raw fish. It looked tasty but I didn't really like it. Because I don't like the smell of raw fish. Finally we saw their wedding photographs and left from there as I had to go to my Spanish class at 5:30 pm.


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