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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finally met Nepalese in Barcelona

And finally I met some Nepalese here in Barcelona. This Sunday we got a call from one Nepalese dai that there was a Nepalese get-together for celebrating Dashain that evening. Though keen in going, my husband couldn't go because of the loads of study he had to do, something normal to an IESE student. I was excited to go as this was the first time I had a chance to meet many Nepalese at one place in Barcelona. The get-together was at one Nepali restaurant in Barcelona. I went there, met about 15 Nepalese, and had some nepalese dishes after a long interval. They introduced me to the group as I was the most recent member. It was interesting to see that most of the Nepalese guys had Spanish spouses. I didn't miss a chance there too and expressed my interest for intercambio with Spanish spouses. I returned after about 2 hours and felt after meeting the people from my own country.


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