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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Formal welcome reception in IESE

Finally I felt like I am the partner of an IESE student as there was a special welcome reception for the partners organized by IESE today. Yes I was there on time. One of the professors gave us a speech about our responsibility to our partners when they are studying in IESE. The speech was followed by a lecture by a profesora who was an expert in Entrepreneurship. Lastly we had a lunch session. I met most of the partners. I also met the partners from second year who were always willing to help us. During lunch I got chance to chat with almost everyone who had attended the reception including some professors.

In lunch there were some items which I had never tried. One profesora was explaining about some of dishes in a group. I was about to eat one item and just for curiosity I asked what it consisted of, showing one dish. It was beef. Then I asked for the next and again that was pork. As I don't eat these and I realize that in Barcelona meat is part of almost all the dishes. I didn't ask for other dishes. I just ate the food which I clearly knew that they were either vegetarian or chicken.


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