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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A long leave and celebration of TIHAR

It was a long weekend in Barcelona for 4 days. That was from Friday to Tuesday. As usual, the leave was because of a fiesta in Barcelona. Though I am in leave everyday, I was also as excited about the long weekend as IESE students because after a long time, I could spend time with my husband and of course go somewhere out.

Do you know what we did in these days? Guess??? In the first day ie Saturday we climbed up a hill which is nearby to our house. I had never been there. When we climbed up, we had a very beautiful view of the city. I enjoyed jogging there. After a long time I forced myself do some exercises (hoping to loose some weight :):):)) The next day I was tired. In the morning we planned to go out after having lunch. Then in the afternoon we decided to go out in the evening and then the process continued for night. Finally I went to sleep. Pobre my husband tried doing some of his homeworks without going anywhere. The next day was Monday and the museum which we wanted to visit "Museu Picasso" would be closed. So we decided that we will get out early in the morning on Tuesday and visit there. On Tuesday afternoon we were invited to our good Indian friend Anil's flat for the celebration of Dipawali. (We met Anil for the first time when we applied for our visas in Spanish Embassy in Delhi.) So we planned to get out from house early, enjoy some time out together and then go to his house in the evening. The next day it was already 11 when I got up. And since my husband had to go to college the other day he needed to prepare his work. By the time he was ready, it was already 5pm. We then went directly to Anil's place.

There he had invited 15-20 people. Most of them were Indians (obviously). They prepared Rice, Dal in house and brought Vegetables and Nan from an Indian restaurant. Initially we prayed and did Puja of Ganesh and Laxmi. We also sang a bhajan. We ate laddu and some other sweets as "parsad". We then had dinner. The food was tasty.

After dinner we played Bingo. Anil's flatmate Abanish did a good job in organizing the bingo. I bought a ticket that cost 1 euro. Some bought 2 tickets. The game started. For me...No..No..No...I didn't get any number in the beginning. There was also an unlucky prize for one who didn't get any number in the first 5 calls. So it was a "lucky to be unlucky" prize. :) The next time when the number was called I would get the unlucky prize if the number didn't match the ones I had. But...Unluckily I had that number and I didn't get the unlucky prize. OOPPS..Missed the prize (3 euros). The game was going on. Every one was excited. Some were asking for some numbers while some for others numbers. I was getting the numbers very slowly. But you know, I finally won the houseful(second) prize. Slow and Steady does win the race, right? Wow...I finally got one prize (3 euros). I was happy that at least in the day of "Laxmi Pooja" I gambled and won some money. Then at around 11 pm we were back to home.


  • At 8:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hello srijana,
    I am very impressed by your blog. You write very genuinely. Your husband is very lucky, you care so much about him. I hope he also cares a lot about you. I wish you all the best in getting a job. And keep up your intercambio activities.

  • At 11:17 PM , Anonymous urmila said...

    i just got chance to give a glance in your blog. good job. keep posting.


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