Srijana in Barcelona

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Monday, October 03, 2005

visit to Lilla

Yes here are 2 photos. One of Pradeep and Kapil and another one from elif's birthday. Now I kept my promise.

I went to Lilla, a huge shopping center, in Barcelona. It was closed because today is Sunday and it is natural in Barcelona to get everything closed on Sundays. Though I knew that it would be closed, I went there because my main purpose was to walk. And I walked a lot. I am doing this because I am feeling that I am getting fatter and fatter and I want to reduce my weight. Please when you see my photo comment me as" you look so slim"....:)

Today I am going to a"Jagaran"program with some Indian friends. It is a program organised by a Indian who is in Barcelona. They wake up whole night and pray Gods. But we will be there for just a half hour. I just want to see how is that program.

We need to leave at 10:30 pm and I think I need to leave this computer now.


  • At 3:40 AM , Anonymous Dinesh Panthy said...

    you don't need to be so serious bcoz you seem still slim.
    nice blog.


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