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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My bad day in Barcelona

I was very excited to go to my Spanish class. So instead of being there at 5:30pm I reached at 4:30 pm. Poor me, they didn't even open the door for me. I later realised that it was a government school and by the time I reached there, they were having some other classes. There are 14 people in our class and do you believe out of fourteen, ten are chinese. It seems like it is difficult for them to learn Spanish. They couldn't correctly pronunce many words. I wonder how soon they will learn Spanish.

yesterday I had a bad day. Yesterday I walked a lot to buy some fruits and specially a packet of fruits(common in Barcelona which is a packet of fresh cut fruits) for my husband. Everytime I bring this to him, he becomes very happy(apparent from his face) because he is a fruit lover. He prefers fruit to meat or other heavy foods. I bought some phonecards too. As I already said I walked a lot to get these things. Then to return home I went inside train station. I just missed the train that goes toward my place. After waiting for some minutes I got into another train. It left and from the Sarria station( station that is before my place) it took another route. I first thought that there may have been some problems in between route of Sarria and Reina Elisenda(station where I need to get off)and it is taking some other route. But the train was going on and on, sometimes from a open place,which I had never seen. It didn't stop almost for 12 minutes. I was little worried then. So I asked a man near to me"esta tran es no L6"? He answered"no esta es S55". Oh my god, I took S55 instead of taking L6 train. I then waited for the train to stop so I could get off and return back. But the train was going on and on. The man understood my passion after talking to him and said me"don't worry, in about 2mins it will stop in a station. You can get off there and take another train to Sarria. No trains go to Reina Elisenda from there."Thanks god he spoke English. Then I got off and took next train. In Sarria I again took off as it is a few minutes walk from there to my station. As soon as I got off I realised that I left the fruits packet in the train. ups..I spent a lot of time to buy it and was more excited to give it to my husband. What could I do!!!! I felt too tired to walk to my place also. So I took another train that goes to my place.

Atlast I reached home safely. It was already 9:45pm. When I reached home I was informed that there is nothing to eat because the man who was repairing our gas stove left the work unfinished. So Pradeep and Kapil asked me to come with them to have some food. After having a sandwich Pradeep brought, I went to my sweet bed. Ah..after a hard day I then had some rest.


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