Srijana in Barcelona

Life can be fulfilled despite many unfulfilled wishes -by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Football match in NOU CAMP

It was like a dream come true when I was inside the NOU CAMP watching live football match yesterday.

My brother Simit and my brother in law are die-hard sports fans, especially cricket and football. When we were coming to Barcelona my brother said"wow..sister you will see Nou Camp and the players in real. Please go to match and I will see you from here in Nepal when we watch the games on TV". He is so fond of football that he rarely misses any European league matches. He is however the supporter of REAL MADRID team. He knows the name of every player and almost every news about them. So he was the one with whom I came to know about FC Barca and Real Madrid when I was in Nepal.

Yesterday when I was in my Spanish class Pradeep gave me a call and proposed to go to see football match between FC BARCA and PEACE TEAM (team of Palestine and Israel) in Nou Camp. Though after much struggle (couldn't find any taxi on time and had to walk a lot) I reached there I was very excited when I first entered the Nou Camp and saw players on the ground. Ronaldinho, of whom we were a big fan in last world cup, was playing in front of me. I never thought that could be real, but it was real yesterday. I couldn't believe myself.

Though I was very happy and excited to see the match I was wishing my brother to be in place of my seat. It would mean a lot to him. I can imagine his feelings if he was seeing the match live here. I really missed you, my brother!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Party time!

Last Friday I called Pradeep's team members for dinner at our flat. For some reasons they could come only at 9:15 pm. They were around 9 people. They seemed like they were all enjoying the party. It was fun to see them imitating some of their professors. They liked the dinner. For some friends the food was quite spicy. The party went on quite late (although not from Barcelona standard). By 1 am I was feeling sleepy and I was finding difficulties in making myself awake. At 2:15 am I couldn't stop myself and went to bed. They were still chatting and the next morning I knew the party went on until around 2:45 am.

Then on Saturday we had another fiesta. I had invited my friends Elena and Silvia with their partners for dinner. Their partners both went to IESE with Pradeep. I prepared the dinner around 7 and was waiting for them. After they came we had some drinks and then dinner. I was very happy that they all liked the dinner very much. I felt good. Then we were chatting and talking on different things. I took them to my room to wear Sari. Spanish girls in Sari looked very beautiful. But as we started to take their photos in Sari our camera stopped functioning. Anyway we managed to take some photos,though blurred and dark, using our flatmates's camera in mobile phone.

We had very nice time. I was happy to chat with them and Pradeep was also happy to see and meet them. Here is a photo from the evening:

Today there was an "open day" lunch in IESE for the prospective students. Pradeep and I were invited to share our experiences about IESE. In our table we were 7 people, 2 first years students including Pradeep, 3 prospective students, 1 prospective partner and myself. I gave them the information about the "partners club" and the good things I felt about IESE.

I am feeling very happy. These are all new experiences for me. I am glad that I am learning many new things.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

An interesting news::

I found a very interesting news about a boy in Nepal whose followers are claiming him to be reincarnation of Gautama Siddhartha. You can also try it. Just go to this following link:

Hey, sister! you are in Bhairahawa. Do you know about this thing???

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Enjoy the photos

These are the photos from our Finnish friend Juha's birthday party.

Things as usual!!!

After about one week of rain it is now getting colder and colder. Every morning I get up, I see outside and my first comment is oh! it is very cold today. And I am always the one who prefer summer than winter.

As usual my days are normal. Wake up, have lunch, internet surfing, job search and then to Spanish class. Do you know that now I know the most of the names of our body parts in Spanish? I will not have problem if I need to go to doctor. Good improvement!!hehe

Last Saturday we went to a Juha's Birthday party. He is from Finland studying in IESE. We had a very nice time there. As usual we enjoyed a lot there and met many people.

Oh...and one new thing. Now I am reading some books related to Investment Banking. Hey don't think I am going to be a banker (at least not now). Now I know a basic definition of Investment Banking and Consulting. And when my husband and his friends talk about Banking I do not feel completely lost. I can at least understand some terms.

Today I have my salsa class. I have learnt some steps in Salsa. Now when Salsa music starts I can have Salsa style leg movement.

Let me go now. Now I need to finish my Spanish homework.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hurray !!!!have a residence permit now!!

Yes the new thing is that I got residence permit today. Ah...what a relief. Now I can go anywhere and then be back to Spain without having to apply for visa again for a year. Now I will be soon in a Europe tour (hehehe).

visit to a nepali program

Last Sunday we went to a program organised by an association "Amics del Nepal" to celebrate its 10th anniversary. It is a association in Barcelona working for the welfare of orphan children in Nepal . They raise funds here and help for children in Nepal. Well,if you want to know more about this association just log on to

We were surprised to see so many Nepalese there. At the same time we enjoyed live nepali music after a long time. The ending of the program was by the very popular song"Resham phiriri, resham phiriri...". Wow....all were excited and singing, thanks to the lead singer Mukti from "Mukti and Revival Band", Raju and Surya.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Second Birthday Celebration in Barcelona

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party of two friends Elena and Silvia (from Spain). Yes what a coincidence, they were both born on the same date.

Some five of us were invited to Silvia's flat. I reached there half an hour later than the given time but not because of I left late but because the flat was little far than I expected:):):) All of them had already reached there. We were alltogether seven girls there and five of them could speak Spanish. Then we started chatting, sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English (if Tomoko and I didn't catch anything in Spanish). Silvia had brought some cheese from France. I tasted different varities of cheese and some sea foods. They had also made cakes (home made). Actually I liked almost every food there. Took same photographs. I gave them”bangles” as a birthday gift which I hope they liked.

At around 10pm everybody left from there except Elena and me. I also tried some wine then (thanks god I was not drunk:):):). They explained to me about some Spanish religion and culture. I had a pleasing time with them.

At 11pm Elena and I left from there. I was walking down the same street which I took while I went to Silvia's flat but did not know where I missed and was almost lost. I was walking and walking and did not find my destination. Luckily, I had a map. Thanks to my map and help from some people on the way, I reached my place.

Once, I was lost while traveling by train (can read about it in my previous posting “My bad day in Barcelona”) and yesterday while walking. Will I miss my way again???

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good Friday

Yesterday, it was the good Friday. My day was as usual. In the afternoon I went to a nearby restaurant for intercambio. I am loving the intercambio session. My friend Laia for intecambio is very good. She tries to teach me as much as possible. Sometimes when I find somethings very difficult to explain in Spanish, she helps and encourages me to explain in Spanish a lot. Yes, I am doing fine with Spanish.

After intercambio I went to my apartment and was happy to see my husband there. Then we went outside and sat in a restaurant with two of his friends. They talked about college people, college environment and the cases they need to read. Though I didnot understand some of the topics from their courses they were talking about I was enjoying to chat with them. Normally it is very nice to sit outside a bar and have some drinks while chatting with friends. But yesterday it was very windy and cold. Still we decided to sit outside (at least I didnot want to be in a smoky environment which is very common in most of the Spanish restaurants/bars). After 2 hours we went to a flat of another friend and had some more drinks. We were laughing, pulling legs of each other and teasing some bachelor friends. We finally had dinner there. It was already 1:30am when we decided to leave. I still could have spent more time there but my husband and the other friend had to study tomorrow(poor guys:):)) So walked down to flat.

And today Saturday I did nothing. Even didnot get out of the house. So I say good Friday because at least on Fridays I am getting chance to enjoy more than in other days.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A long leave and celebration of TIHAR

It was a long weekend in Barcelona for 4 days. That was from Friday to Tuesday. As usual, the leave was because of a fiesta in Barcelona. Though I am in leave everyday, I was also as excited about the long weekend as IESE students because after a long time, I could spend time with my husband and of course go somewhere out.

Do you know what we did in these days? Guess??? In the first day ie Saturday we climbed up a hill which is nearby to our house. I had never been there. When we climbed up, we had a very beautiful view of the city. I enjoyed jogging there. After a long time I forced myself do some exercises (hoping to loose some weight :):):)) The next day I was tired. In the morning we planned to go out after having lunch. Then in the afternoon we decided to go out in the evening and then the process continued for night. Finally I went to sleep. Pobre my husband tried doing some of his homeworks without going anywhere. The next day was Monday and the museum which we wanted to visit "Museu Picasso" would be closed. So we decided that we will get out early in the morning on Tuesday and visit there. On Tuesday afternoon we were invited to our good Indian friend Anil's flat for the celebration of Dipawali. (We met Anil for the first time when we applied for our visas in Spanish Embassy in Delhi.) So we planned to get out from house early, enjoy some time out together and then go to his house in the evening. The next day it was already 11 when I got up. And since my husband had to go to college the other day he needed to prepare his work. By the time he was ready, it was already 5pm. We then went directly to Anil's place.

There he had invited 15-20 people. Most of them were Indians (obviously). They prepared Rice, Dal in house and brought Vegetables and Nan from an Indian restaurant. Initially we prayed and did Puja of Ganesh and Laxmi. We also sang a bhajan. We ate laddu and some other sweets as "parsad". We then had dinner. The food was tasty.

After dinner we played Bingo. Anil's flatmate Abanish did a good job in organizing the bingo. I bought a ticket that cost 1 euro. Some bought 2 tickets. The game started. For me...No..No..No...I didn't get any number in the beginning. There was also an unlucky prize for one who didn't get any number in the first 5 calls. So it was a "lucky to be unlucky" prize. :) The next time when the number was called I would get the unlucky prize if the number didn't match the ones I had. But...Unluckily I had that number and I didn't get the unlucky prize. OOPPS..Missed the prize (3 euros). The game was going on. Every one was excited. Some were asking for some numbers while some for others numbers. I was getting the numbers very slowly. But you know, I finally won the houseful(second) prize. Slow and Steady does win the race, right? Wow...I finally got one prize (3 euros). I was happy that at least in the day of "Laxmi Pooja" I gambled and won some money. Then at around 11 pm we were back to home.