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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Few members of the partners club of IESE:

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Komal, me and Sarita (from right).

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My friends. From right Elena, Mimi, ....., amaya, mari, Teresa

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Pradeep and me in my B'day

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Monday, March 27, 2006

"Hibernating me"

I think my hibernating phase comes after my every blog post. I suppose this level of hibernating is not good.

Last Thursday members of the IESE partners club went for the drinks and Tapas. Though there were not many partners, we had fun talking with each other among the ones who were there.

Friday was my B'day. Pradeep and I went for the dinner in a Nepali restaurant. It was the perfect day for us because Pradeep finished his final on the same day. Of course I didn't expect for any b'day gift because he was busy for his exam and as I told earlier Pradeep cannot give me surprise anyday. (hehe). But he has promised me something, I will mention it when I actually receive it.

Today my friends in work wished me my B'day and gave me a pleasant surprise (on Friday they didn't know about my B'day). They gave me a card wishing me B'day in Nepali language. Mimi, my American friend, googled to find how to wish birthday in Nepali. That was a really pleasant surprise. Thank you, all of you!!!

Will post the photos next time!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

case study with Professors from IESE

I can say that the partners club in IESE is very cooperative and innovative. These days they have organised the case sessions. They give us the MBA cases with some problems and in the class we discuss it and share our different perspectives. We are having the case sessions with the professors who are teaching our partners in exactly the same scenario as they do in their class. It really helps us to know how our husbands are dealing with so many cases everyday. Really cool!!!!!

On this note, last Tuesday I signed up for a case session which I later realized that it was in Spanish. But as at the last minute I didn't feel good to skip, so I went for that. The case itself was in the Spanish and the professor was also discussing in Spanish. So instead of discussing the case I was just trying to figure out some spanish words which I thought I knew. Finally I could say "Yes the case was very interesting!! You know why ? I learned some new Spanish words!!hahaha

Today we had a case called "Promotion And The Dual-career Couple". It was a case about a couple where the husband got promotion and wanted to shift to other country. At the same time the wife had her own settled career life at the place they were living. Now they had to decide whether to shift to the new place (for husband) or live in the same place (for wife). Well ! It was interesting to know different ideas from different people. At the least it was nicer to meet friends after long time.

Hey all! By the way, I need your help. I am doing a research in "Patents" related to "cars". If you know or have any idea of the database about patents please please let me know. That will be a great help for me.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

no excuse

This time I don't have excuse on not writing my blog regularly. So I won't go with this further.

My days are going on usual. Wake up! go to work! come back! eat and then after sometime sleep. This has been my daily routine.

But last Wednesday IESE students had organised a "Multicultural Fair" which was hyped as one of the popular event in IESE. But the event was not as the one I was expecting. I was expecting it as a fair where we visit every stall, know about their culture, see different new things from different countries. Yes we saw different things from different the end all were alcohol. Alcohol!!!Alcohol!!!!Alcohol. People were drinking and drinking, shouting and spilling drinks. It was all that!! For me it was more an "Alcohol night then a Multicultural night". Yeah!! I enjoyed a lot but it would have been more better if it had reflected the name "Multiculture" instead of "Alcohol".

I feel myself bad for not practicing my Spanish these days. My improvement in Spanish has become stagnant. No further movement! It has been long since I learnt any new words in Spanish. I know I should do something. May be I should do more practice with my friends of intercambio. I am doing intercambio with two girls these days. They both are nice girls.

One new news, I have started waking up early (in comparison to before). I don't have any choice. But for a lazy girl like me it is good. At least I can see the world in the morning. :):):)