Srijana in Barcelona

Life can be fulfilled despite many unfulfilled wishes -by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oppss..again late!

I know I am being lazy and lazy in my blogging activity. But this time, being lazy, I don't want to miss an opportunity of writing something for the very special day.

Yesterday my sister-in-law got married. The marriage ceremony took place in Boston. Both of their parents from Nepal were present there in the ceremony. Pradeep also attended the ceremony. Because of some reasons I was not able to be with them. But I am hoping to see them soon.

So in this special day, through my special blog :):) I would like to congratulate the newly married couple. May they lead a happy and successful life together. My best wishes are always with them.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Buen fin de Semana

This week was a party time for our work team. There are about 20 research assistants in our room who are working for different professors in IESE. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was the birthday of Betty, Marc and Mireia respectively. We had sweets and pastries on those days. And on Thursday there was a birthday party in a Mexican restaurant. I had some delicious Mexican food. This was the first time I went somewhere with my co-workers. This was also the best opportunity for me to know all of them since I am new to this work here. So I enjoyed being with them.

Today is a good day for me! Any guess??? Today Pradeep finished his mid term exams. Now I can see him and talk with him as much as I want. It has been a week I have hardly seen him in daylight. He used to go IESE at 8 am in the morning and return back home around 10 pm. Then he had his dinner and the same process of studying begun. I was in my own world of my work, gym and friends and he was in his own world of study. Now I hope we will be in the same world at least for some couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Great Multicultural evening (second one)

Because of the grand success of first multicultural night, the IESE's partners club organised second multicultural night. It was also as successful as the first one. The difference was, in the first party we all were new and were busy introducing each other. And this time most of us knew each other and were busy on chatting with each other and not to mention, having food from different countries.

Countries represented were Spain, Nepal, US, Finland, New Zealand, Japan, Chile, Mexico, German, Andorra, UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium and many others. It was really a great multicultural night.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, My dear husband!

Where have been I for so long time? Have I been busy or lazy?

I know that "where there is a will, there is a way". But this seems like a paradox to me as I always have the "will" to write my blog but do not find a way!!!

"Happy Birthday Pradeep". I think I really gave him a pleasant surprise yesterday. Actually Pradeep and I decided to celebrate his birthday simply at home. But in the afternoon his friend Anil, Abanis, Mujib, Yuha, Yuha's girlfriend Mari and I decided to give him a surprise. My part was to take him to the Nepali Restaurant giving him the impression that only two of us were going to be there. At 9 Pradeep and I were supposed to reach the restaurant but we took the wrong exit from the Metro station and hence got lost for like 15 minutes. When we reached the restaurant, his friends were already there. Pradeep was very surprised to see all of them there. My trick worked.

2 weeks have passed since I started my work. And I am really very happy. It is not only because I am working but also because I am learning a lot of things. I used to read a lot when I was teaching the bachelor students of Engineering in Nepal but they were all course related. Now I have got a chance to read things on different subjects and I am finding them all interesting. I am sometimes reading books on economics, mathematics and different topics such as happiness and I am sometimes working with new software.

On Saturday, Dom and Atsushi, our Japanese friends called us for Japanese dinner at there house. Great!!! Such delicious food and such a passion for making food! We were about 12 people there and we all enjoyed the food and songs from all different countries (Nepal, Finland, Japan, Greece, Spain, Africa and America), and had a very good time. Thank you Dom and Atsushi.

And this coming wednesday there is a second "partners multicultural night". I am thinking of what to take there. (I am not so good at cooking, so I think more about what to cook than actually cooking). If you can please suggest me, I will treat you later).