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Sunday, November 26, 2006

me trying to capture all the beauty of Switzerland

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Pradeep and myself in Switzerland

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Celebrating Christina's B'day (Christina, Juliana, Sofia, Lidia and myself: from left front)

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Geetha, Pradeep, myself and Anil (from left)

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Yesterday we attended the thanksgiving dinner at IESE. Thats when I came to know the history of thanksgiving and its importance. After knowing all this, though late I could not stop myself from giving thanks to all my family, relative, friends and all my dear ones who know me. Thank you everybody for being with me.

The dinner itself war great. Dinner was followed by the talents shows (Pradeep also sang a Nepali song with an Irish girl who played flute beautifully: It was a great combination). Then the auctions were amazing. People bidded maximum of 4000 euros for the dinner that will be organised by first year girls and the guys were crazy to get it. (I think it was also some alcohol effect). Anyway total amount raised was almost 18000 euros from all the bidding of different things which was raised for a charity. Good job!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

donde esta Srijana?

Wow.......I am writing my blog after a long long time and I am happy for it.

Not to bore you all my dear ones, I won't start updating all the things of 4 months.

I recently had a trip to Switzerland with Pradeep (16th Nov, 2006 to 19th Nov). He was in a trip for his project work and I didn't miss a chance to see Switzerland by joining him.

During my research work, I have been always dealing with Switzerland as the country with very high GDP, low mortality rate and natality rate, high life expectancy and one of the countries where most of the people are highly satisfied. I was really very excited to see the country about which I had been analyzing the data since long.

After we reached the airport, Pradeep headed to the company where he was supposed to be in a meeting and I went to the hotel. I rested for sometime there, had a coffee and waited for pradeep to be back. In the evening when he came back Pradeep and his project team mates and I went towards Zurich centre. I just got the glimpse of night-time Zurich as it was already late when we finished our dinner.

Next day in the morning Pradeep, Anil and I went to the small village "Trogen". It was 2 hours in a train from Zurich. We enjoyed the beautiful scenary on the way. All scenic landscape and the mountains really were amazing. I was surprised to see each and every parts of the hills, meadow, landscape well maintained. Well!!!!!!!! I know it is the country with high GDP and they have the money and resources to maintain it. Pradeep also had a horse ride (only for a minute or so!!!!!!). A beautiful girl from the village was the owner of the horse offered him the horse ride. In the evening we returned back to Zurich, had our dinner and went back to the hotel.

On Sunday, we had a flight in the evening. So we woke up early, went to the airport and checked-in our luggage (luckily, Swiss air had this facility of allowing luggage to check in before 24 hours of flight) and went to Zurich centre again. There we met Pradeep's friend Geetha. She took us around Zurich city for sometime. We had our breakfast (hmmm...with hot chocolate) in one of the oldest cafe in Zurich. Then she took us to the mountain Uetliberg from where we could see the beautiful views high mountains and the Zurich city with the lake. I was mesmerized my the beauty of nature there. But in few hours we had to go back to the airport.

It was a great weekend. I enjoyed my trip.