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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Football match in NOU CAMP

It was like a dream come true when I was inside the NOU CAMP watching live football match yesterday.

My brother Simit and my brother in law are die-hard sports fans, especially cricket and football. When we were coming to Barcelona my brother said"wow..sister you will see Nou Camp and the players in real. Please go to match and I will see you from here in Nepal when we watch the games on TV". He is so fond of football that he rarely misses any European league matches. He is however the supporter of REAL MADRID team. He knows the name of every player and almost every news about them. So he was the one with whom I came to know about FC Barca and Real Madrid when I was in Nepal.

Yesterday when I was in my Spanish class Pradeep gave me a call and proposed to go to see football match between FC BARCA and PEACE TEAM (team of Palestine and Israel) in Nou Camp. Though after much struggle (couldn't find any taxi on time and had to walk a lot) I reached there I was very excited when I first entered the Nou Camp and saw players on the ground. Ronaldinho, of whom we were a big fan in last world cup, was playing in front of me. I never thought that could be real, but it was real yesterday. I couldn't believe myself.

Though I was very happy and excited to see the match I was wishing my brother to be in place of my seat. It would mean a lot to him. I can imagine his feelings if he was seeing the match live here. I really missed you, my brother!


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