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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Things as usual!!!

After about one week of rain it is now getting colder and colder. Every morning I get up, I see outside and my first comment is oh! it is very cold today. And I am always the one who prefer summer than winter.

As usual my days are normal. Wake up, have lunch, internet surfing, job search and then to Spanish class. Do you know that now I know the most of the names of our body parts in Spanish? I will not have problem if I need to go to doctor. Good improvement!!hehe

Last Saturday we went to a Juha's Birthday party. He is from Finland studying in IESE. We had a very nice time there. As usual we enjoyed a lot there and met many people.

Oh...and one new thing. Now I am reading some books related to Investment Banking. Hey don't think I am going to be a banker (at least not now). Now I know a basic definition of Investment Banking and Consulting. And when my husband and his friends talk about Banking I do not feel completely lost. I can at least understand some terms.

Today I have my salsa class. I have learnt some steps in Salsa. Now when Salsa music starts I can have Salsa style leg movement.

Let me go now. Now I need to finish my Spanish homework.


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