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Friday, September 30, 2005

Birthday celebration

It was the first time that I went to a friend's birthday party after being to barcelona.Tomoko(one of my Japanese friend) and I went to buy a gift for Elif. Ah...I won't go for buying gift now because when I am seeing gift for others my heart says buy for yourself. We bought a very beautiful bracelet for her(hope see will like it).

We reached the restaurant where we were called around 10:00pm. We had a lot of fun there. Met different people. I tried many new Spanish dishes, some being sea food. One item was a strange one(sorry I forgot its name). It was a kind of vegetable physically similar to cabbage. We took out all of the outer part and ate very little inner part. Icompared it to a tiny gift wrapped in a very big gift package. We enjoyed a lot. We returned back around 1am.

Today here is a fiesta(festival) in a local market where we live. I can hear drums and other music playing and people shouting. I don't understand why people in Barcelona are so much fiesta loving.
Because of Internet problem in our apartment I am unable to post PradeepĀ“s and KapilĀ“s photo.Sorry. As soon as I get photos of yesterday party I will post them here.

Now I am going for shower. I just woke up and sat to write my blog(its 1:30pm). Don't call me lazy okay. I am late because I slept late yesterday. hahahaha good excuse.


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