Srijana in Barcelona

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting used to in Barcelona

Now I am all set with my Spanish languages classes. Do you know what happened??? There was again a lucky draw for people in the waiting list. I had to wait half an hour for that. And at last as I said earlier my luck never favours me, I didn’t get an entry. But everything happens for its own good. Some guys who were there for the same purpose asked me to join them as they were going to some other school for Spanish classes. I went with them. That was the school ran by Municipility of Barcelona and to my surprise that was a free school with only 20euro registration fee. god..I then knew everythings happened for my own good…

That was the best thing. I returned back and checked my emails. Oh..what is happening!!!!I was called for an interview for a research assistant position in IESE which I had applied some days back. Yes I then went to IESE and gave interview. If the position was for English research I was 100 percentage sure that I would get the job but the professor told me that this was for Spanish research. I don’t know what’s gonna go…Lets wait again untill Monday. He will let me know on Monday.

I was back to home as usual and ate Taheri (Indian Special). Our flatmate Kapil is good on cooking Taheri.

In Nepal I know I would be dreaming at this time(11:50pm) but here I am feeling it’s morning. No sleepiness in eyes. But I am going to bed as I will need to wake up early tomorrow. Tomorrow Pradeep, Kapil and walter are wearing formal dress because they are having a career week in their college and tomorrow is compulsory for them to be in a formal attire. And they had asked me to take their photographs on formal dress. Interesting. I promise I will publish their photographs in my blog .

Okay good nite.


  • At 7:01 AM , Anonymous Dinesh Panthy said...

    nice to know.
    keep it up


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