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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

visit to Montserrat

Yesterday we went to Montserrat, a mountain of rocks. The small train we took up the hill was small and beautiful. There it was freezing cold. But the place Montserrat itself was again another heavenly place. We couldn't stop thinking about mountains of Nepal when we saw Montserrat. Ah...only if Nepal could develop the infrastructure to help tourists access places they have never gone earlier!!

Since we got there around 4 pm and the last train from there to Barcelona was at around 6:06 pm we could not stay there for a long time. But we were happy that we finally saw Montserrat. We had heard a lot of good things about Montserrat and I can proudly say now that I have visited Montserrat.

I have to say we had very very enjoyable time hosting Sandeep dai and Biparna and going with them to visit different places in and out of Barcelona. They returned to UK today. We are missing them today.


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