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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

From where to start!!!

I am now myself confused as to where to start writing my blog from. It has been long since I have not updated my blog and in this time interval I have done many things. I will try to write them all. Let me start with my last week.

Last Tuesday we had a small get together of Christmas in Sylvia's house. All of us were partners of IESE students. We were very happy that day. Guess what!!! Our husbands/boyfriends would finish their final exams that Wednesday and we would get time to be with them. We were actually jealous with the books they read because they were spending most of their time with the books. Well we were happy because some of us were going back to our home, some visiting other countries and some having good free time.

Some photos from the dinner:

Delicious Japanese and Spanish food!

The next day, that is on Wednesday, Pradeep's friend and his wife (Sandeep dai and Biparna) came to Barcelona after they visited Paris. We went to pick them up from airport at around 3 pm. Then we came back home and chatted about how our last few months in Barcelona were.

I will continue posting about other days.


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