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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good time in different places!!

We (Pradeep, Sandeep dai, Biparna and I) went to Montjuic on Friday. We took a cable car up the hill from Barceloneta. It was a great place to be, a small mountain with many gardens and beautiful scenery on the way till we reached the top. From top, we could see Barcelona city on one side and the sea on the other side. We were also excited to see the big cruise ships with built-in swimming pool and football ground. As it was already getting dark, Barcelona looked even more lovely because of the night lights from the city.

We bought a round trip ticket for the cable car from Barceloneta to Montjuic. But we later realized that we should have bought only one way ticket as we wanted to go to Placa Espanya from there instead of again returning back the same way to Barceloneta. Pl. Espanya is on the base of Montjuic and it is another good place to visit.
We nevertheless went back to cable car station to "use" our tickets but we found out that the station was already closed at 5:45 pm. It was already 6:30 pm when we reached there. On one hand it was good as we did not need to go to Barceloneta and could go directly to Pl. Espanya taking a bus. On the other side, it was bad for us because we had paid for the both way.

Well! We took a bus and went to Pl. Espanya to see the fountains. I felt like I reached a heavenly place when I saw the water fountains which changed colors with orchestra music. The beautiful scenery of the light rays emitted from the palace and the water fountains dancing on music made everyone very happy. We thanked God that the cable car station was closed because of which we came here earlier.

Barcelona remained sunny all this week. It seems as if weather was happy to see us enjoying our time. Every morning we smiled with the sunshine. This was adding colors to our time in Barcelona.

On Saturday we decided to go to wine country near to Tarragona (a beautiful town out of Barcelona city). We were all excited in the prospect of seeing how wine and cava are made and were also hoping to drink wine in the factory. But bad luck! It was closed because of Christmas eve. We returned back with no wine and no excitement.


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