Srijana in Barcelona

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Srijana's day out!!

Yesterday I went to IESE for a cocktail hosted by the Dean. I like the way IESE values partners. It is explicitly mentioned in its handbook that if there is any program organised for the IESE students, it is also meant for their partners. After the cocktail there was a play organized by IESE students. The play was very good. Pradeep explained something about the role of their professors who were mentioned in the play. I laughed a lot and enjoyed it to the fullest.

After that I went to IKEA with my friend Sylvia. I have heard of IKEA a lot, but had never got chance to visit there. Well! Yesterday was my first time in IKEA. A big store with relatively cheap prices!! Sylvia bought a lot of things. It took almost about 4 hours for us to finish our shopping. We could have spent more time there if it was not getting late. We had many bags in our hand when we finally got out of IKEA. It was almost 10 pm when I was back to my house.

Today, I had a good day. In the morning when I went outside to buy some groceries I realized that lots of things were going on outside with music, rally, people, shopping and many more. I regretted myself for staying home for nothing (as my husband has his finals from this coming Monday and he does not have any time for me till Wednesday. I myself also do not want to disturb him by being at home). As soon as I returned home I got ready and went to Plaza Catalunya (centre of Barcelona) and shopped for something (I will tell about this "something" in my future posting). I then called Laia, my intercambio friend, to Pl. catalunya. Then we went to a exhibition where Sylvia had her stall of hand made bags. I helped her for sometime (Sylvia please do not think when and for what I helped you, hehehe!). Then Laia and I went outside from there and enjoyed hot sip of coffee while chatting with each other in Spanish first and later English.

At around 8pm she left and I headed towards an Indian store to buy some dal (lentejas), minced ginger and garlic. It was almost 10 (again) when I reached my home.


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