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Monday, December 19, 2005

Finally got a camera!

Yes, that something in my last blog refers to a "camera". Now finally we got a "camera".

From the day my camera stopped functioning, I was desperately in need of a camera. I was doing the research work about the camera so I could buy the best one. During research work, I went to market many times to see the several models and compare the prices in different shops. After seeing the real camera, I then used to check other features and reviews about the model in internet.

Finally I liked one camera and decided to buy that camera. I went to buy that camera last Saturday. I asked the salesman to show me that specific one and asked some of it features just for formality (as I knew everything about it from my internet research). The salesman brought that camera and with that also brought another camera from another brand and instead started explaining me about why that other camera was the best one in the market. Ummnn..I was pissed off. I said "vale, yo penso y vuelvo despues algun tiempo" (okay, I will think and come back after some time). He seemed to be very happy for at least convincing me to come back :). I am sure he would get a big commission by selling that product to me.

Well! I then went to another shop and without asking any features asked to show that particular camera. As the salesman was showing the accessories and packing them he showed a stand that was needed for this camera to charge the battery and transfer the photos from camera to computer or a printer. I could not directly transfer the photos from camera to the laptop without using the stand. That meant I needed to carry one extra stand with me for transferring photos when I am traveling. I did not like the idea and was surprised that I did not find about this thing during my research. I left the camera and then went back to home empty handed. However at home Pradeep was waiting to see the new camera.

But this time I was determined to buy it. So after reaching home I continued my research work and decided to buy another model. Then yesterday I went with Sarita to Pl. Catalunya and without thinking much I bought the camera (of course, without an extra stand).

Now I can say proudly that I am the owner of "Canon ixus 55". Please now do not give me any negative comments about this camera. I will cry if I get any.

I will now finally be posting photos taken by this new camera.


  • At 9:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mui bien! Congratulations! I hope to see more of your pictures in Barcelona. Canon is lucky to have a beautiful customer like you, isn't it?

  • At 4:16 AM , Blogger Jiten said...

    Hurray! I guess I am the happiest one to hear that you now owned such a powerful equipment of our human life. Have fun clicking Cannon and of course will look forward to see pictures.

  • At 11:24 AM , Anonymous sangeeta said...

    hey that's great.
    u proved that though lots of research or thinking will go on, if ur determined then the whole world is yours.
    Great Job.


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