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Monday, December 05, 2005

Spanish Lunch with Sarita

Yesterday, we were invited by Sarita for Spanish lunch in her house at Sant Cugat. This was our first time we were going outside the core city of Barcelona. We were enjoying the beautiful view outside from the train and Pradeep was comparing the view of jungle and hills with that in Nepal. His usual comment was "I wish Nepal had such train systems and nice highways."

Well, we reached at Sarita's place and had Spanish lunch. She had made some typical catalan soup, mushroom and patata tortilla. They were very delicious and the best was the "soup". I will soon learn to make that soup from her. We were impressed that she had already learned Spanish cooking besides Indian cooking in such a short period of time. Her Spanish is fluent tambien.

Pradeep and I had a very nice time there. Thank you Sarita!!!


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