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Saturday, December 17, 2005

cold Barcelona

It is getting cold and cold here. I am fed up with this cold. I am the one who will vote for summer if there is a poll to choose between summer and winter. And to make things worse, our water heating system has become manual from automatic. If I need a hot shower, we need to open the tap right beneath the heater first, run to the bathroom and turn the shower on, and then back to the tap to close it. I can't even by mistake turn the shower off when I am shampooing. Because I need to repeat the same process again. Que pena! We found out today that the landlord is not supposed to fix it. So we are going have to do something about it this weekend.

I was feeling little down yesterday. "Empty mind is the house of ghost" seems to be true. I do not want to think but am thinking much and much. But today, I spent time with my Spanish friends and felt much better.

On a different topic, here is a interesting thing I found about Encarta dictionary. May be some of you have known about this but for some this may be new and interesting.

1. Open MSN Messenger and sign in
2. Add Encarta as a contact:
3. Double click Encarta from your Contact List
4. Ask a question on chat!
5. Get an instant answer from the Encarta library, as if it were a person

I found this thing from one of the blogger site. You can read more about this on:

The conversation with the Encarta contact is very interesting.
I have tried it and is really great.


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