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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

" Christmas Time"

"Tihar" is a festival in Nepal which is celebrated with great joy and happiness. This is basically the festival with light and fireworks. It took place during the month of October.

Now it is time for Christmas here. I am seeing lights everywhere. People seem to be very happy, busy in buying things for their dear ones. This is the first time I am enjoying the happenings of christmas because in Nepal most of us do not celebrate Christmas.

Nowadays I have the best way for passing my leisure time. Normally in the evening I go to the city center to see the lights, decorations and of course, people. I find it very interesting to sit in a place and keep on watching different people. It is fun.

I have one more wish for this Christmas. I really want to know the culture for celebrating Christmas. I am eager to know what people do, how they do and why they do things in the Christmas day. Hey, are any of you there to invite me in your house for the Christmas day???? :)


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