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Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Heartful of condolences"

Since the Christmas time and New Year´s day till today I have read the news of eight Nepali young people who died in different accidents in the US.

Shekhar Regmi, 20, who was in USA with his dreams, was shot dead on 21/12/2005, by two armed man, in attempting robbery. All his dreams were dead. With him all his families were mentally dead by the thought that how will they survive without their"Shekhar". More news about him can be read from the following links:

Star Telegram news on the sad news

Star Telegram news on arrest of suspects

Thread on Sajha on the news

Then came the news on 01/01/2006 of the death of three young nepali students in USA who died in a car accident. They are Utshav Basnet, 19, Nishima Timilsina, 20, and Bedija Kharel 20. They were all dead far far from their home land far from their loved ones and family. More news about them can be read from the following links:

And today I am reading the news about four students who were dead in USA again in a car accident. Amrit Dhital, 21, Pralhad, 22, Pushkar Acharya, 21 and Subash Gurung, 20 were again the victim. More on the news in the following links:

At this moment I am just thinking about their family. How can their parents believe that the children they sent abroad for their bright future are no more in this world! How can they live with this fact that a part of their heart was shot or dead in cruel accident? I am imagining the face of their family, instead of the dead students, who will be living this life with pain in the absence of their beloved ones.

May the departed souls rest in peace. And god please give their family, whose children you took from them, the courage to endure this truth!


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