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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Muchas cosas

I have done nothing during these days but while writing blog I am feeling that I have a lot to write. What to write and what not to!! I think like I have nothing special to write but a lot of general things to write.

I became a member of the public library here from where I can get 2 DVD's/CD's for 7 days and 6 books for 21 days. It is really cool. Now I can bring Spanish movies from there and practice my Spanish (but truly speaking my Spanish is going down nowadays).

I also applied for "Targeta de Sanitaria" which is the card for health check up. My intercambio friend Laia helped a lot in finding the address of offices and what paper I need to show. Previously before asking her I went to one office where they denied to give me the card saying that only people working here will get this card. Guess what! I had gone to a wronhg office. Today Laia sent me all the details and I went to the correct office. They have asked me to pick up the card tomorrow. Thank you Laia.

Pradeep and I got the visa for London during the winter break. It was good that he applied earlier as he had to go to London for his interview on Sunday. Since I have to go to Madrid this Thursday to apply for my visa to US, I didn't go with Pradeep to London as I wanted to go London for at least a week. Pradeep was there just for one night. I will go to London sometime soon in the next couple of weeks and stay there at least a week visiting my friends and relatives.

Hey, don't worry. What?? Yes, because he has gotten an offer from his favorite bank to work as a summer intern. He had an interview yesterday and after 1 hour he got a call of offer. Wow.... Yes and so of course I will be with him in London that time. No questions!!!

Don't know why but after he got his offer I am feeling that I will also get an job offer very soon. Till now I do not have any clue but still am seeing a silver line inside the dark cloud. I have the feeling that this New Year will bring a lot of happiness for us and for sure, a job offer for me. What do you think??


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