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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I will be busy now..

Year -2006

16th January on Monday- Job offer for Pradeep
17th to 19th January- being happy for him
20th January on Friday- Our wedding anniversary, got the job offer.

What could be the better way to start the New Year with??

Ding...dong..... or yaaaa..hoooo..... or huuu...rreee.... I do not know what the rhythm of my heartbeat was when I had all these great news within a week and on the day of our wedding anniversary. yes...I am very happy.

We were applying for the US visa and had an appointment on Friday in Madrid. We reached there on Friday morning and went to the US embassy directly. The interviewer in US embassy with a cute smile said that I will love my visit to US. Around 11 we were done with all our visa procedures.

From there we went to our hotel. We relaxed for sometime and had our Lunch. Then we went to the zoo. It may sound funny but yes we went to a zoo on the day of our wedding anniversary. Actually I wanted Pradeep to meet his old and close friends. :) he he...(he is not reading this blog, is he?)After returning back from there (Ok!!!details of my madrid tour will be in next posting) we went to a cyber cafe to check our emails. As soon as I checked my email, I found out that I was offered a job by a Professor in IESE (same university where Pradeep is doing his MBA) as his Research Assistant. Thank you professor Franz.

I am starting my work from tomorrow. I will get the details of the research work and the work I need to do. Yes..I am really looking forward to "tomorrow".

Today I talked with my cute little nephew (4 years old) in phone in Nepal. So sweet!!!! I asked him to give me a kiss and then when I said "thank you", to my surprise I heard in his sweet voice "welcome". Ah!!!he has become big now and while talking to him in phone I cannot stop myself from wanting to see him.

Thank you everyone who has given the encouraging comments and best wishes to me via my blog. This is all because of your wishes. Thank you!!!


  • At 11:47 AM , Anonymous Sangeeta Prabin said...

    Happy belated Anniversary to u both.It's really ver nice to hear about both of yours job.All the best to u and pradeep, Hope to hear other Goodnews toooooo in upcoming days.

  • At 2:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Persevere..and it will happy for you...congratulations!!!!

  • At 2:56 PM , Anonymous bindu said...

    Didn't I say that???



  • At 9:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    you updated the bunch of good news in your blog. i just read and dai both got a
    congrats to you and dai as well . and happy belated marriage anniversary.


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