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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Return of "Lazy blogger"

At this moment, I realize that I am a lazy blogger. Well! I will try as much to change my image to an active blogger. So my dear readers keep on reading!!

I don't have an idea from where to start. But I won't bore you by updating from April 24th (my last blog posted):

Opsssss...really I am a very bad writer. I don't have words to start writing!!!

It is surprising that it has been almost 1 year we are here in Barcelona. I still remember the first few months of Barcelona. Confused, being homesick, struggling to know the language, trying to find friends and looking for a job to keep myself busy, waiting the whole day for husband to come home so that I could talk, and at the same time my husband trying to find time for me besides book. I am now just waiting for the first year to finish!!!!!

Now after completion of 1st year, when some of my friends were moving with their husbands either to spend time together during internship and/or exchange program in other college, I was really sad. I can proudly say that I have made very good friends whose absence made me really sad.

Pradeep is in London now doing his internship. I am missing him. But I will join him in next month.

Other things are normal as they used to be. Going to work, sometimes going to gym after work and sometimes trying to keep track of my Spanish.


  • At 12:03 AM , Anonymous B. Sharma said...

    Hi Srijana, It was nice to see your blog and happy to know that you are keeping well in Barcelona... By the way... it is not boring at all ;-)


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