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Thursday, April 20, 2006

my days

After a long Easter vacation it was not fun to go back to the work again. I had some remaining work to finish, so I had to work hard as soon as I returned back. Yesterday I completed the remaining work and showed it to my professor. Now I am more relaxed as I don't have lingering work from the days before the vacation..

The professor with whom I am working also teaches Pradeep. Since he was teaching regression and correlation which I needed for my project, he asked me to attend his class. So I did it yesterday. It was the first time I attended an MBA class and it was a fun and learning experience. It was exciting to be in an MBA class and see active participation of the students. I was waiting for Pradeep to speak in the class. Only after some time he asked a question to the professor.

Sitting at work, I am thinking something. I don't know what!! I feel like meeting my family, relatives and friends who are in Nepal and the US. I am missing them a lot. I want to talk, I want to laugh, I want to play and I want to be with them.


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